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Microalbumin Urine ControlLevel 1  Human Urine  2 x 7 mL, liquid  ..Level 2  Human Urine  2 x 7 ... HOMOCYSTEINE CO2 Calibrator Kit 1x10mL
Product Features
The Diazyme enzymatic homocysteine assay reagent is a liquid stable system, which provides a fast, accurate cost effective alternative to cumbersome and expensive immunochemical methods.  A choice of convenient instrument specific packaging options eliminate reagent transfer for Roche Hitachi, Dade Dimension®, Dade Expand ®, and Beckman Synchron CX, LX and DXC analyzers.  Accurate and reliable, the assay features excellent correlation with HPLC and Immunochemical methods with a linear range of 3-50 µmole/L and intra and inter %CV values of < 5%. The assay has no significant interference from lipemic and hemolytic substances and eliminates the “carry-over” interference with iron or lipase reagents that can occur with other methods. More significantly, the assay is not interfered by the endogenous cystathionine and therefore can be used with confidence in patients with renal disease.   Stable for 14 months from date of manufacture when stored @ 2° - 8° C.
Urine Creatinine Calibrator Kit - Liquid 1x10mL Fructosamine Control ( L1 & L2: 3 x 2 mL each, liquid) ASO / RF / CRP Control L1, L2:  2 x 2mL each, lyoph.
Ferritin/IgE/Insulin Control, 3 levels, 1 x 5mL each, liquid-frozen Chemistry Calibrator Kit 12x3mL Chemistry HDL Calibrator Kit 6x1mL