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Ecstasy 100 mL Ecstasy 500 ng/mL Cal  (10) General Oxidant 2x500mL
General Oxidant Control Set (100 & 300 ng/mL) 2x25 Multi Toxicology Control  2x5x3 Primary DAU Control Set 3x5 mL
Clinical DAU Control Set 3x5 mL Select DAU Control Set 3x5 mL Buprenorphine MCC
Buprenorphine Cal Kit 0 ng/ml -1x7.5 Buprenorphine Cal Kit 5 ng/ml - 1x 5 Buprenorphine Control Kit 2X5
Oxycodone 68 mL Oxycodone 100 ng/mL Cal (10) Oxycodone 100 ng/mL Ctrl 2x10mL
Creatinine Calibrator Set 2 & 20 mg/dL (2x25) Creatinine Control (1.3 mg/dL) 25 Creatinine Control (7.5 mg/dL) 25
DRI* Creatinine Specimen Validity Test Controls

The Thermo Scientific* DRI Creatinine-Detect Specimen Validity Tests are liquid, ready-to-use and can be performed on a variety of general chemistry analyzers.
The use of additives and adulterants to mask controlled substances in urine samples is a difficult and ongoing challenge to drugs of abuse screening. We offer the industry's most extensive menu of detection tests. As new adulterant trends sweep through the testing pool, rely on our fast-track product development team to deliver a timely, economical detection solution. All of our urine adulteration assays are liquid, ready-to-use and can be performed on a variety of general chemistry analyzers. The adulteration assays provide a complete and automated way to test for sample integrity and adulteration.
Creatinine Control (23.0 mg/dL) 25 DRI Negative Urine Calibrator THC Urine 50 ng/mL Cal (25)
THC 40 ng/mL Ctrl 25 mL THC 60 ng/mL Ctrl 25 mL Multi Drug Urine Cal 2 (10)
Creatinine Detect 500 mL MGC 240 Benchtop Analyzer Indikoâ„¢ Clinical and Specialty Chemistry System
Run 240 tests per hour, handling up to 24 two-reagent immunoassays per run with the Thermo Scientific™ MGC 240 Benchtop Analyzer. This open, flexible system can be used for drugs of abuse screens and therapeutic drug monitoring including immunosuppressive diagnostic assays and specimen validity testing.


  • Broad menu of immunoassays with multiple technology options
  • Multiple channels: up to 24 two-reagent tests
  • High throughput: 240 tests/hour
  • 24-hour reagent cooling
  • Barcoding capabilities
  • Random access, true STAT interrupt capability
  • Adapts to various primary tubes and sample cups
  • Automatic cuvette QC
  • Auto rerun, auto dilution, sample pre-dilution
  • Re-suspension mixing for latex particles
  • Auto alarms for washing and waste containers
  • Air pressure mixing: no carry over
  • Microsoft™ Windows™-based technology
  • Unique design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Distinctive air pressure mixing system: no mixing paddles
  • No carry over: fewer washing steps
  • Produce results quickly with sample-oriented testing utilizing the Thermo Scientific™ Indiko™ Clinical and Specialty Chemistry System, enhancing the quality of patient care. The Indiko is a fully automated, bench-top clinical and specialty chemistry system, which, once loaded, provides true walk-away time for the operator.

  • Intuitive user interface and many automated features help to manage daily workload
  • Benchtop, self-contained unit fits neatly in a lab with space limitations
  • Different sample types can be analyzed at the same time
  • Continuous access to samples, reagents and cuvettes without interrupting the testing process
  • Up to two hours walk-away time
  • Dilutions and re-analysis, when necessary, are fully automated
  • Real-time quality control program with multiple Westgard rules
  • Real-time monitoring of reagent usage, lot follow-up
  • Loadable application data andcalibrator and control values from a two-dimensional barcode or from a file
  • Bi-directional LIS interface

HCG Bi-Level Urine Controls Syphilis Tri-Level Controls 3 X 5ml Benzodiazepine 100 mL