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7 mL Transfer Pipette 1.5mL Microcentrifuge Tube with attached Snap Cap, Graduated, Clarified Polypropylene 1000/pk - Natural color Microcentrifuge Tube, 2mL, PP, Attached Snap Cap, Graduated, Natural

500/dispenser box, 10 boxes/case (5000 each). 

  • Transfer pipets, non-sterile.
  • 7mL capacity.
  • Graduated to 3mL.
  • 155mm long.
  • 23 drops/mL.


Box: 500 each - #135030-500.
Case: 10 boxes of 500 (5000 each) #135030.

1.5mL Microcentrifuge Tube with Cap - #111558 1.5mL microcentrifuge tube

Attached snap cap

Polypropylene (PP), 1000/bag  

Graduated # Max RPM: 26,000 # Autoclavable at 130°C
2mL Microcentrifuge Tube with Cap - #111568
Microcentrifuge tube with attached snap cap.
# Capacity: 2mL.
# Graduated.
# Polypropylene (PP).
# Spin Rate: 25,000 x g.
# 1000/bag
Rack, Microcentrifuge Tube, 100-Place, PP, White Test Tube Rack, 60-Place for 16mm, Blue Sample Cups (Clear)
100 - 1000 uL Pipette Tip, Universal (1000/Bag) 1 - 200 uL Pipette Tip, Universal (1000/Bag) Sample Cup, Nesting, 1mL (for 12mm & 13mm tubes)
Screw Cap, for Sample Tubes with External Threads - Clear.. Green Tube Caps (1000---) Yellow Tube Cap (1000---)
Bag, Biohazard Specimen Transport, 6" x 9", Ziplock with Document Pouch, 100/Pack, 10 Packs/Unit Sample Cups 500x2mL Transport Tube, 5mL, with Separate White Screw Cap, PP, Conical Bottom, Self-Standing, Molded Graduations..
6 x 9" Specimen Transport Bag with Score Line - #4918

Biohazard specimen transport bag.
# 6" x 9".
# Score line for quick opening.
# Zipper closure.
# Attached document pouch.
Sample Tube, 3mL, External Threads, PP, Round Bottom, Self-Standing.. 3.5 oz Collection Cup 4.0mL Sample Tube (1000---)
10mL Transport Tube 250/pack, 4 packs/case (1000 each---). 7mL Transfer Pipette, Graduated - #135030 Quick-Prep Urinalysis Kit w/out Quick read slides
7mL Transfer Pipet, Graduated - #135030

Transfer pipets, non-sterile.
# 7mL capacity.
# Graduated to 3mL.
# 155mm long.
# 23 drops/mL.
Quick-Prep Urinalysis Kit.

The kit includes our specially designed transfer pipette and 12mL urine centrifuge tube. This system is used to isolate 1mL of urine sediment stain and allow easy pour off of the balance.
90 ml test container 440-per case 50mL Container with Temperature Strip 500/cs