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Sysmex XP-300â„¢ Automated Hematology Analyzer EX-TROL High (1x2.5ml) EX-TROL Low (1x2.5ml)
With its simplified operation, the XP-300 is an ideal hematology analyzer for a clinic satellite laboratory or research testing. It provides a CBC with 17 reportable parameters and 3-part WBC Differential, which includes an Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC). The results include histograms for WBC, RBC and PLT. The system provides a high level of accuracy through the use of automatic floating discriminators. Built on reliable Sysmex technology, it features a simple start-up menu and single button selection for sampling and daily maintenance with a compact, space-saving design.
EX-TROL Normal (1x2.5ml) EX-TROL High (1x4.5ml) EX-TROL Low (1x4.5ml)
EX-TROL Normal (1x4.5ml) Ex-ISO (20 L Pack) EX-FLO (10L)
Ex-Zyme Clean 10L Ex-Lyse 500ml EX-CAL (1x3ml)
Multiparameter Assayed Hematology Calibrator
For in vitro diagnostic use only.
Sedi-Rate Autozero Westergren ESR System - #3469 Drew3-PAC Evo Pack
Sedi-Rate ESR System, 100 tests per box A compact 3 reagent pack is provided. Packs are coded with lot number and expiry date to give full traceability.
Control Kit 3 Levels, 6x4.5ml each Control Kit 3 Levels, 6x2.5ml each R&D Hematology Systems CBC-Line (24 x 3mL 6 WBC, 6 RBC, 6 PLT, 6 Low Range)
Controls for Drew Scientific Hematology Analyzers
6 vials x 2.5 mL Low Control
6 vials x 2.5 mL NormalControl
6 vials x 2.5 mL High Control
Contains pre-diluted WBC, RBC/Hgb, and Plt levels. Kits are customized to the reportable 
range capabilities of all major hematology analyzers to provide a kit best suited to your 
needs. When CBC-LINE Kits are used in combination with independently verified and 
documented calibration, the information can be used to establish the range of lowest and 
highest values that can be accurately reported by the hematology analyzer. Each kit 
includes one Instrument Evaluation Report at no extra charge.