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Medica Easy RA Chemistry Analyzer Microalbumin Calibrator:  Calibrator A:  150 mM Sodium Chloride  1 x 1 mL  ..Calibrator B-F:  Hu... RS-232 Cable
Medica Corporation introduces EasyRA, a fully automated, random access clinical chemistry analyzer that accommodates the diverse needs of a small laboratory.
EasyRA offers unprecedented access to all replaceable components. Its unique, slide-out drawer makes maintenance a snap. New RFID technology eliminates the need to manually set up reagents. Place the smart reagent wedge anywhere in the reagent area and EasyRA identifies location, number of samples remaining, sample volumes, and expiration dates.

The EasyRA user interface is so easy to learn that technicians become experts with minimal training. Simple menus and icons guide users through analyzer operation and tasks to be completed. Automated inventory management provides a clear view of the status of all consumables required for operation.

With 150 tests per hour (>300 with integrated ISE), 24 sample positions, 24 reagents on board, and more, see why EasyRA will be an easy choice for your laboratory.
EX-TROL Normal (1x4.5ml) Sample Cups - Small Nesting 100x1mL Wash Cup
Sample Cups - Large Nesting 100x2mL Waste Pump Tubing Kit - Chemistry USB Connection Cable (External Printer)
EasyRA LIS Interface Manual - English ISE Troubleshooting Kit Easy RA Cuvette Segment 50 Segments, 12 Cuvettes each
1 Box of Cuvette Segment contains 50 Segments, 12 Cuvettes each segment
Bi-Level QC Kit - Electrolytes 10ml Normal, 10ml Abnormal Sample Tube Holders 6 - 100x16mm Sample Tube Holders 6-100x13mm
Sample Tube Holders 6- 75x13mm ISE Pump Tubing Kit (3) Cleaner Kit - Chemistry 4x30mL
Total Protein 4x24mL Albumin 4x39mL Tubing - Diluent Bottle
Calcium 4x29mL/9mL CO2 Calibrator Kit 1x10mL Tubing - Waste Bottle
TRi-Level QC Kit - Electrolytes 10mL Low, 10mL Normal, 10mL High Urine Creatinine Calibrator Kit - Liquid 1x10mL Alkaline Phosphatase 4x27mL
Magnesium 4x29mL/9mL Cleaner Kit - Chemistry and ISE 4x29mL/0.30gm Alanine Aminotransferase 4x31mL; 7mL substrate